New used laptop. Comments.

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    Jan 16, 2001
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    Picked up a used laptop and just wanted to know what the experts have to say.

    It is a Dell Latitude with the following:

    Intel Pentium II 300 MMX processor

    128MB memory

    6.4GB drive

    13.3 inch active matrix TFT LCD display

    Bay 1 contains either a removable CDROM or floppy drive

    Bay 2 contains the rechargeable Smart Lithium Ion battery

    Soundblaster audio with built in stereo speakers

    USB connector

    Touch Pad mouse

    I am a student and I picked it up for mainly word processing but I was wondering how capable it would be for other uses.


  2. Jason Merrick

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    Jason Merrick

    Depending on condition, it should certainly be a serviceable word processor. I just picked up a new Dell Inspiron 8100 last month and love it! Dell seems to be consistently rated at or near the top of most comparisons I see on the internet or in magazines.

    What operating system is it running? How much video RAM and is it dedicated or shared? What other types of uses are you considering? More than likely it won't handle most newer games, but you could probably play MYST and most games from the bargain rack at your local computer store.

    Enjoy it!

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