New UK Judy Garland Signature Collection

Discussion in 'DVD' started by MarcoBiscotti, Aug 2, 2005.

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    Apparently R2 is getting a new Garland Signature Collection from Warner Bros. this fall with the exact same specs as the current R1, minus The Wizard Of Oz.

    I'm wondering if we might see the same thing over here, with the newly announced Oz boxset now prepped for release? It would be nice to have the option of picking up a new set without the now needless old single-disc Oz DVD. Also, I imagine in keeping with Warners progression, that these new issues will likely be repackaged in standard keepcases. This is another plus.

    For those of us who haven't gotten around to picking up the old Garland Signature Collection in the US, it would be nice ands convenient to have this newly issued box available here as well... no point picking up a R1 set with The Wizard Of Oz anymore, right?

    Anyways, what do you guys think; will we be getting a new Signature Collection of these films over here in R1 as well?
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    I don't think you will. None of these films have been released in Europe the first time around, except A STAR IS BORN. They are "new to DVD" and the PR emphasises that.

    WB has been releasing and will continue to do release some of their older R1 classic titles in Europe over the next few months.

    An example is the Hepburn and Tracy Signature Collection, which was announced not long ago. In the UK only ADAM'S RIB was available, WOMAN OF THE YEAR as part of the George Stevens boxset. But now, in the UK at least, Cukor's KEEPER OF THE FLAME is included, but documentary.

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