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    I am looking to buy a new TV and I am hung up between 3 TV's. The Panasonic CT-27sx12, Samsung TXM2790F and the Sony KV-27FS100. My living room is pretty small and anything larger than a 27 inch would be to big for the size of the room. I had looked at the Samsung 27 inch HDTV but I am going to wait for a widescreen 42+ HDTV when I move in a year or so. Any thoughts would be great as I am shopping for Christmas or right after for the sales [​IMG]. Thanks
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    I just bought a Sony 36" Wega (HDTV ready). When it comes to tube-TVs, I'm biased towards Sony as they've historically had about the best CRTs. Perhaps everyone has caught up to them, but I get more warm-fuzzies buying a Sony TV than other brands. And from what I've seen, Sony has the best designed remotes and user menus.

    From browsing here the past year, thinking of TVs, Panasonic gets good comments. I've seen some mixed on Samsung, but it seems like it was largely positive.

    I think the Sony will be the most expensive of your choices -- you could save a a few bucks with the Panasonic or Samsung. That might be good if you expect this to only really be used for a year.
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    I bought a 27 inch Sony, it was new but had been dropped in the parking lot and was pretty beat up, paid 60 dollars, picture is perfect, tough little rascals.
    Sony makes many, many 27s, consumer grade TVs that you can buy new cheap, Just make sure it has the connections you want.
    Unless you are going to use it as a computer monitor or something, I wouln't pay much for a 27, you know a 32 is not a whole lot bigger but will work in a small room.
    Over 32 I think you need to start getting serious about things like Progressive Scan, Line Doublers, componet inputs etc.
    My little 27 has S-Video and it has a great picture. I think new (undamaged) you coul buy it from about 339 and up.

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