New Trade List! Disney, OOP, DTS, CC, Much More!

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    Here is the situation. My power supply on my main computer blew, then my Linksys router blew, so I have lost access to most of my mail from the last two weeks. If we were working on a deal, please re-email me. Sorry for the delay. (To top it off, I have been without a car since Monday since the transmission died and had to be flown in, and of course, there is a strike at the airport to help with delaying it!).

    Anyway, onto the trading! All are widescreen if a full screen and a widescreen version were released.

    10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
    Army of Darkness - Director's Cut - Limited Edition (1993) OOP
    Blair Witch Experience, The - Collector's Set Sealed
    Cannibal! The Musical (From the South Park Guys!)
    Coffin Joe - At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul (Great Horror Flick)
    Exorcist, The - The Version You've Never Seen (1973)
    Fight Club - Special Edition (1999) Sealed OOP 2 DVDs
    Frailty - Special Edition (2001)
    Hannibal - Special Edition (2001) Sealed DTS
    Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - Special Edition
    Jackie Brown - Collector's Edition (1997) DTS
    James Bond 007 Collection, Vol. 1 - Reissue Sealed
    Joy Ride - Special Edition (2001)
    Manhunter - Limited Edition (1986) OOP
    Men in Black - Limited Edition (1997)
    Men in Black 2 - Special Edition (2002) Incoming
    Minority Report (2002) DTS
    Mulan - Gold Collection (1998) Sealed OOP
    Ocean's Eleven (2001) Spindle Missing Some Teeth, DVD perfect
    Others, The - Collector's Series (2001) Bilingual Cover
    Reign of Fire (2002) DTS
    Score, The (2001) Some minor surface scratches
    Sid & Nancy - The Criterion Collection (1986) Sealed OOP
    Sleepless in Seattle - Special Edition (1993)
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) Sealed OOP
    Spy Game - Collector's Edition (2001) DTS BBPPV
    Tarzan (1999) Sealed OOP
    There's Something About Mary - Special Edition (1998)
    Walt Disney Treasures: Davy Crockett (1954-1955) Sealed OOP
    What Lies Beneath (2000) DTS

    Want List:


    101 Dalmatians Limited Issue (1961)
    Jungle Book Limited Issue (1967)
    Lady and the Tramp Limited Issue (1955)
    Little Mermaid Limited Issue (1989)
    Fantasia Anthology
    Ultimate Toy Box

    Box Sets

    Angel Season One
    Band of Brothers
    Godfather DVD Collection

    Other Titles

    Ring (US Version Preferably)
    Bee Gees One Night Only DTS
    Bruce Springsteen Live In New York City
    Jurassic Park DTS
    Lost World DTS

    Looking for other things that are not listed here, so send me your list. Please include your board name as well. I am a Gold Trader over at DVDTalk and I am located in Canada, with perfect ebay feedback as well. I have traded well over 100 DVDs, so you can be assured in trading with me. Traders with little or no feedback are expected to send first with NO EXCEPTIONS! Unlike many other traders, I respond to all offers (as long as technical difficulties do not play a factor!)

    Send me an email if interested in any trades.

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    May 2, 2002
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