New Toshiba P25 17" Notebooks - look sweet! Anyone have it?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Ronald Epstein, Nov 3, 2003.

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    Ronald Epstein
    Was walking around a pier lined with shops in
    Miami a few days ago when I happened upon a store
    window that was displaying a Toshiba notebook
    with a 17" screen.

    It looked really sweet. It had Harmon Kardon
    speakers and a 17" widescreen display that sported
    a gorgeous picture of the playback DVD, Monsters

    I was rather impressed by the picture quality of
    the DVD. It was a far beter display than what my
    current Sony Vaio notebook is capable of reproducing.

    This looked to be Toshiba's base model. The
    shopkeeper quoted me $1700. I found it online
    for $1500.

    Yeah, it's heavy and abnormally sized, but the
    coolness factor of owning this notebook is very

    Anyone have any thoughts on the quality of
    Toshiba notebooks -- especially this one in
    particular? Anyone actually buy one of these?

    Look forward to reading your feedback.
  2. Max Leung

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    I have a Toshiba Satellite 5100. 1600x1200 15" TFT display. It has harman/kardon speakers.

    Good build quality, although the speakers tend to rattle. Only one dead pixel on the extreme right edge of the screen. The laptop is MUCH better built than the IMHO cheap Sony laptops that tend to fall apart after 6 months of use (friend has one where the plastic fittings fell off, and then the top half of the display went black after one year).

    Battery life is very short though. Mine only came with one battery, and is only good for about 70 or 80 minutes if I'm lucky. Not too big a deal as I don't lug the laptop around very much.

    It can (barely) play UT2003. Approx. 20 frames per second at 800x600 with medium or low quality settings.

    I love the display, although the screen is a dust magnet! You can't tweak the display at all, however...don't expect any kind of color accuracy. It is a bit greenish when compared to a calibrated monitor, but it's not bad overall. I would never do any serious movie matching with this laptop (or anything with an LCD display), or any serious photoshop work for that matter.

    I don't know if the laptop you saw has digital audio output, but mine has a miniplug fiber optic output. Had to get a miniTOS adapter of some sort that can plug into a regular fiber optic cable. Could be had for $5 or so at Radio Shack. It works.
  3. David_Jr

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    I have a Satellite A25-S307, 15" TFT, that I got for around $1900 after rebates. So far I am very happy with it. I have a Dell at work. The Toshiba has much better sound, by a wide margin, and a better picture. The tosh also runs cooler to the lap, but you pay for it with more fan noise. The tosh is a little more bulky and also has a tad less battery life. Look into the Centrino chipset if battery life is a big concern for you. Apparently the battery life is much longer with a Centrino. I use mine mostly for wireless surfing in my home network and it is great for that. Have also watched snipets of movies and downloaded trailers, etc, nothing serious, as along as you're at the right angle in reasonable light, the screen looks very good. I also dropped mine once with no apparent damage except to my wireless network card that got bent. Still works though. Good luck.

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