New Toshiba 65H80-have questions

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    I've had a new Tosh 65H80 for a few days, tuned with VE and Tosh SD6200. I think I have everything set correctly; but, I have a question or two. Saving Private Ryan, (1.85), filled the whole screen, and looked great. I put in Gladiator, (2.35), and it looked great with the expected small bars. I put in Heat, (2.35), and had to adjust the TV setting to TheaterWide to get a widescreen image. DVD player was set to progressive. Is this a DVD problem?
    Also, does this TV not have an over-the-air HDTV tuner? Do I have to get the DST3000 to have any HDTV broadcast? This is all so new to me-Thanks for any help.
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    HEAT, sounds like you put the disk in on the pan&scan side. Look at the disk, is it two sided? I've rented it before and had no trouble, but don't remember if it had both formats or not.
    HDTV tuner, no it doesn't have one. Yes, you can buy the DST3000 or any of the set top SAT/HDTV or just HDTV decoders that will output to the component inputs on your TV.
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    Your DVD player should have a setting for the type of TV you have. Set it to 16:9
    Yes, you still need an HDTV receiver to receive HDTV. Not to mention an antenna, and/or an HDTV dish, and/or maybe cable if you are one of the lucky few to have a cable operator passing along HDTV channels.

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