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May 18, 2008
Real Name
Im new here and would like to take this oppertunity to say hi to everyone.
I got bit by the audio bug way back in 1972 while stationed in Germany, hence my nickname Sansui 2000X. Since then I've had a few systems, but they are becomming too complicated, my current system includes, a Sunfire Cinema Grand 200watt 5 chanel amp, for my left, center, right, and both side speakers, an Adcom GFA 555II, a 100watt, 2 channel amp for my rear surounds. My DVD is a Pioneer DVR-225, I still have my Laser disc player, and why not, it's in mint shape, and I have lots of laser disc's!!?? My currant pre-amp is an Adcom GTP-860, but that will change in just a few days, I found a real sweet deal on a Sunfire TGP-5, it will arrive this week. My speakers Are Klipschs Synergy, the left and right are floorstanding 10.5's, and they sound great, so do the rest of the Klipsch speakers, I have two subs, they are Paradigm PS-1200's. My TV is a 12 yr old (It won't die) Hitachi 60 inch projection TV it still has a very good picture, or at least for the standard of the day it was made. I also have a dish network reciever, it's hooked-up independantly from my hometheater system.
Im really excited about the new Sunfire TGP-5 comming this week, but my work will be cut-out for me because now Im gonna have to tear apart the whole system, but thats OK the backside can use a good cleanning. anyway I just wanted to introduce myself, and hope to be a very active member of this forum.

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