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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by rachel_fran, Feb 12, 2004.

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    hi - we are looking at getting a new t.v. very shortly -
    it'll either be the Sony KV-34XBR910 or Sony KV-34HS510

    I would really like to get some external speakers to connect to the t.v. but my husband doesn't want a multi speaker system where we will have to worry about wires all over the house... we're not very good at installing and hiding things - so I'd like to either see if there is something wireless or go with a simple 2 speaker system that would add nice sound...

    I saw that CNET recently reviewed some options - and that that the BOSE 3 2 1 system gets terrible reviews...

    We have a medium size livingroom and don't need anything too powerful.

    Thanks for any advice you can offer.

  2. Ted Lee

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    hi rachel -

    let's see, there's a couple of random thoughts running in my head.

    they do make some wireless speakers, but keep in mind that they still require a power-source (ac outlet), so they're not "truly" wireless. plus they don't sound all that great.

    but they do work decent enough. check out acoustic research or rca - you can find them at best buy. here's a couple of links:

    acoustic research


    2-speaker system
    this would be my preference. you can get a decent stereo receiver (it doesn't sound like you need surround-sound), plus two speakers. it will give you *significantly* better sound then the wireless option. plus, you'll have a stereo you can play the radio over, or you can add other things like a cd player, tape deck, etc. much more flexibility.

    as long as you have room up front to put the receiver and the two speakers, you'll do just fine!

    hope that gets you started, ask away if you have other questions!

    oh yeah ... welcome to htf! [​IMG]
  3. Wayne A. Pflughaupt


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    Welcome to the Forum, Rachel!

    Wow, that’s a switcheroo! Usually it is the wife that gives the thumbs down to that stuff! [​IMG]

    I’m in agreement with Ted. The wireless speakers have only 10 watts, which is probably no better than the TV has. Still if all you’re looking for is better sound, if they sound better to you then go for it. You’re best bet for finding something better-sounding than the TV will be the models in the $200 range.

    Still, you mentioned the Bose, which tells me you might entertain a simple separate system that cost far more than the wireless speakers.

    You might consider some Paradigm Atom speakers. They’re small and sound superb – miles better than the wireless systems you’ll be looking at.

    As Ted noted, you would need a way to amplify them. It wouldn’t take much here. It’s getting hard to find stereo receivers anymore, but there are still a few companies making them. You could go “on the cheap” and buy an old stereo receiver from a pawn shop or off eBay. Amplifiers are generally reliable as granite, so they’re a safe bet used. People sell perfectly working amps and receivers as much as 20- 25-year-old (even more) on eBay all the time. You wouldn’t even need a remote – your TV could control the volume.

    This may sound complicated, but really it isn’t. Two wires from the TV to the amplifier/receiver, two wires to the speakers. That’s it.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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