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Discussion in 'Mobile Phones / Entertainment' started by RonGecan, Jan 5, 2004.

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    Hi Everyone,

    First off, want to thank Ron for his review of XM and Sirius as well as everyone else who posted comments. I have been trying to decide for a while which service to go with. Thought the extra $3 for no commercials for Sirius was tempting -- decided to seal the deal after hearing of Sirius' arrangement with the NFL.

    The wife got me the home/car pack for Christmas. One thing I can say I don't like is how large the receiver/cradle is. I don't think my Saab is well suited for convenient mounting -- the only place that struck me was atop the dashboard, which seems that it could pose line of sight problems. Probably will put in a new head unit.

    ANYHOW, went ahead and installed the home kit. Reception is not good in the house -- not Sirius' fault, need North/West windows, we've got, you've guessed it, South/East exposure. Add in some overhangs on the building, and I get intermittent signal if any at all.

    I think I'll mount the antenna outside -- Sirius says it's built to stand the weather. Anyone with any experience in this? I'm sure if it fails after a while it's only a twenty (?) dollar purchase for a new antenna, but am wondering just how weather resistant these really are.

    Thanks for the help!

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    I have mine of course, on my car. Here in Kansas City we had an ice storm over the weekend, with ice on my car at least 3/4" thick in most spots, some places thicker. I bothered to scrape off the windows, but didn't think about getting up on the top of my car to scrape off or De-ice my Sirius antenna. I had no reception problems at all, perfect signal [​IMG]
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    Ronald Epstein

    Welcome to Satellite Radio. You should be
    very happy.

    Do me a favor, just out of curiosity.....

    Over the next few days list the Sirius channels
    you listen to and let me know if you notice a
    lot of repetition on those channels.


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