New to satelite radio just some ????S

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones / Entertainment' started by Gary.H, Dec 2, 2003.

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    I've just started looking into this. I want to get it at home. Does the antenna have to be outdoors or can it be inside? Also, are there any of these units that use digital out like dvd players. Thanks.
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    antenna can be used indoors or out
    strength of signal will depend on where you live and where your antenna is positioned along with some various other factors

    I think the SkyFi can be modded to include a digital out or you can use XMPRC
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    The Kenwood DST-7000s has a digital audio out. That is the only unit on the market that does, but if that one is too expensive, AudioVox will come out with one in January of Febuary at the latest. You should always place your antenna outside for uninterrupted reception. You should only place the antenna indoors if you have determined that their is a repeater in your area.

    For those looking to get into Satellite Radio this holiday season, take a look at this excellent comparison of Satellite Radio Plug & Play units. The units covered are the Sirius JVC SR1000, AudioVox SRS1, AudioVox SRS2, Brix Streamer, Kenwood Here2Anywhere, XM SKYFi, and XM Roady.

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