new to ht, need cable advice

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    alright, so im getting a surround sound system and new dvd player for christmas. up till now, i have been using a normal stereo (for CDs and such) for audio and my ps2 for dvds. i had some questions about cables.

    1 generic analog audio pair (TV to receiver)
    1 generic s-video (dvd to TV)
    1 subwoofer cable
    speaker wire (replacing w/ below for length reasons)

    1 digital coax (dvd to receiver)
    1 digital optical (ps2 to receiver)
    1 composite(i think, always get it mixed up) video (receiver to tv)
    12ga speaker wire

    i would like to upgrade the stuff i have too, if i can. maybe eventually get s-vid for my ps2 and gc too, but that will come later.

    basically, im looking for advice for where to get this stuff and what brand to get. ive been to the best buy and circuit city near where my parents live (none around here) and they had three types: generic (which looked really cheap, but still cost a bit), acoustic research (only a few $ more than generic, but appear to be much better), and monster (way over my price). the radio shacks that ive been to had generic stuff and some really expensive other radio shack brand stuff that is over my price limit. the 12ga im getting at lowes for 30c a foot, so that one is taken care of. is buying generic ok? will i even notice? or should i just go for the better-made stuff (looking at acoustics research)?
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    For your applications, I'd go to Wal Mart and grab some of their RCA or GE or Philips brand coax and optical cables and any other extra cables you need. You'll save a ton and get a decent set of cables. Don't waste money on the Monster or boutique internet brands, just buy local and you'll be fine.

    Then run to Lowes and get some zip cord for your speakers, it'll work just fine, and it's cheap.

    Sounds like you're on a budget and don't plan on spending $1000,'s and $1000's on HT so you'll do just fine with the above mentioned brands IMHO.

    Many will steer you to many higher priced items, but odds are pretty darn good you won't need to throw your money away.

    Good luck and have fun with your new system!


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