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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by secrettrek3, May 25, 2009.

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    Hi, this is my first post on these forums. I've read through a few threads but don't believe I yet know enough to solve my problem.

    My family moved into our current house many years ago. At that time, we bought a 52" flat screen tv (projection) and some furniture. Below is the current layout of the room.


    There is about 16' between the television and each of the sofas.

    A curious thing is that in the front left and right corners, there are speakers mounted on the wall against the ceiling, and in the rear corners, there are cables (red lines on the picture) but no speakers. The cables are all 2-conductor with thick insulation that feed underneath the room via crawlspace and come out of the floor in the front right corner.

    We have never used these speakers, but I have connected my mp3 player to the wires and I can get sound out of the two that are installed.

    These speakers look triangle shaped (fit into the corner), but upon inspection they look like regular speakers that were disassembled, and then mounted into the corners of the room using some brackets and wood. The ceiling throughout the room is different heights, but where the speakers are located it is about 8'.

    We want to get a new TV sometime in the near future, a nice big widescreen, and when we do the hope is to also set up some kind of surround sound home theater deal, maybe put a nice piece of furniture in the front right corner of the room with a media player, receiver, etc., get two more speakers to place in the back, a subwoofer, and wire it all up. However, I don't know if the position of the speakers is good, or what kind would be good to get. We are not huge audiophiles but would like to have something nice, and since the wiring is in place we would like to utilize that as well.

    My understanding is that an ideal 5.1 situation would be to have a center speaker, left and right rear, left and right front, and a subwoofer. Due to the placement of our television (which was due to the existing fireplace), that may not be easy to do.
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    read though as much of THIS as you can. it should answer most of your questions. if not, come back and try us again.

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