New to HT, a few questions.

Mr Tibbs

Oct 22, 2006
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Hello all!! I'm new to the forum here and semi new to HT. This looks like the place to be concerning HT!

A little background: I am 29 yrs old and currently living in an apartment with my girlfriend. I currently own an older Onkyo HT system that I pruchased from CC years ago. Also with the audio system I have an older Sony DVD player (with a built in DTS decoder) and a 32" sony TV. I am really into car audio, but now that it looks like I might be settling down I'm gearing up to build my own HT system.

The questions I have deal with audio only for now. As of now I am more than happy with the video side of things. My tv looks great (to me anyways) and I am more than happy with the dvd player. Also, just for giggles I have a modded xbox that is hooked up to the Onkyo reciever and sounds pretty good.

First question is dealing with speakers. I have built many sub boxes for my car and I kinda have a guy that does the design work for me. As of late he is getting into HT also and has built some impressive speakers. Here is a link to his HT page. Linky. What is everyone's opinion of building something along these lines for my front towers and subwoofer? I know he is going to finish building the surround sound when he gets the time. Is this a good way to go? I know in the past his sub boxes, although elaborate at times, sound AMAZING!! I really think I'm going to go this route unless someone can point me in a different direction.

Thanks in advance for the help. I hope to be a part of this forum for a long time. I think I'll start reading everything I can here and see what I can learn. There seems to be a lot of useful info here!!


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Sep 7, 2006
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Chris Baker
You obviously have someone that is very good at wood building and design. If it sounds good to you then by all means go for it. Most here will only be able to point you in the direction of brands they have heard. Your friend's builds can't really be reviewed without any side by side comparisons. For a sub order either an Hsu of SVS and do an A/B test. If you don't think it compares then send it back.

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