new to home theater, I need help connecting everything!

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    Hey guys, I've recently purchased a new TV so now I can set up my "room-theater" in my room in the basement. This is what I have to work with: TV-30" Panasonic TV/DVD/VCR combo with Dolby Digital and DTS. Stereo-Philips FW-P78 Mini Hi-Fi System that includes a subwoofer, two shelf speakers, center speaker and two surround speakers. Receiver-Pioneer SX-1900 with two Pioneer HPM-60 floor speakers hooked up to it. I also have a digital cable box. My question is how do I hook it all up to play together? I can hook my receiver and floor speakers directly to the TV and have sound out of them or I can hook my stereo to the TV and have sound out of it. The stereo speakers are very faint and I have to turn it up very loud to hear anything. The receiver and speakers sound a lot better. I've tried hooking both the floor speakers and the two shelf speakers to the receiver but the sound is bad and the loudness is reduced. I basically want sound out of all the speakers. I need to know if it is possible to hook the receiver and the stereo to the TV. I am using the red and white cables not the digital cables. Any help would be appreciated! Arthur Ash III
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    You won’t be able to use both sound systems. Pick one.

    You didn’t give us any info on what kind of connections are on the TV combo. It will have to have audio output jacks (red/white) in order to get sound to one of your systems. If not, you are out of luck.

    If it does, simply connect the jacks to an input on one of the systems. That should be all you need. After that, make sure the TV volume is turned up enough to get a good signal to the sound system. Ultimately you want to control the volume from the sound system.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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