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Jan 21, 2009
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Hello Everyone,

I am new to these forums as well as "New Age" Home Theater. My previous surround sound was an old Sherwood reciever w/ JBL surround sound speakers/sub woofer that i picked up @ Best Buy 7 years ago or so. I started getting into high-def about 1.5 years ago when i purchased a 57" Mitsubishi DLP 1080p, a PS3 and a Toshiba High-Def DVD player. I then added High-Def DirecTV. So I purchased an HDMI Splitter from Monoprice so I can hook my 3 high-def devices to my TV. When my family was moving, my wife broke my JBL sub, so I said that I want to splurge and just buy a surround sound worthy of the rest of my equipment. My wife just surprised me by replacing my surround sound. She bought me a Yamaha YHT-590BL which was my top pick from the research I was doing on home theaters. So, needless to say I was completly stoked and have the best wife ever. Ok, now to my question. I plan on hooking up my dvd, ps3 and high-def satellite reciever all through my monoprice splitter and into the TV through HDMI. I was then going to run a digital coax out of the TV to the Yamaha reciever. Now I know from reading these forums, it's not the most ideal way to do it. But the reason I have to do it that way is because I have a 3 year old, and don't always want to have to play the sound through the surround sound. I can't handle Dora the Explorer, especially when the voices are coming at me from all angles, lol. There are other reasons why I don't want the surround on at all times. So my question is; Will I lose sound quality, not hooking up each individual component to the reciever? From what I have read Digital Coax does transmit dolby 5.1, so I my sound quality should still be great, right? Considering my old reciever wasn't even really made for surround speakers and i though it sounded decent, this should be a huge improvement. I just want to thank anyone who responds w/ info for me in advance.

Thanks Again,


Joseph DeMartino

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Jun 30, 1997
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Joseph DeMartino

Well, if you have everything set up correctly, Dora's voice should only come from the center speaker. ;)

Look, there's no reason why you can't connect your components to the TV via HDMI to carry sound, or even use the red/white analog audio outputs to connect to the TV so that you can just "watch TV" without the surround system.

But no, digital coax out from the TV will not carry 5.1 digital sound from your other components. The digital output on the TV will only send digital audio from the TV's own built-in tuner, it will not pass digital audio from connected components except as downcoverted 2 channel and 2 channel matrixed sound - which is exactly what you'd get by just using the analog inputs. You still need to connect you components to the receiver via a digital connection (HDMI, coax or optical) to get digital sound.



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