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    Greetings Movie Lovers,
    To be precise - DVD movie lovers! I just signed onto this here cool site and see allot of familiar traders. Right on! I'm a Canadian trader (Gold status many times over on DVDTalk) and look forward to getting my cyber-feet wet here. Here is what I have on hand:
    Repli-Kate (mint)
    Nekromantik (mint)
    Strictly Ballroom (sealed-FF)
    Rat Race (scuffs,plays fine)
    Dungeons & Dragons[​IMG]E (mint)
    Paris Trout (sealed)
    Almost Famous (mint,1st pressing)
    Batman Beyond: RotJ (mint,1st pressing)
    Hendrix (mint, MGM title)
    Return of the Living Dead (sealed)
    Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (mint double)
    Lady in White (mint, region 2)
    Faust: Love of the Damned (mint)
    Sanjuro:CC (mint)
    Yojimbo:CC (mint)
    Reservoir Dogs:SE - (Mr.Brown-sealed)
    Raging Bull (oop,sealed)
    Last Days of Disco (mint,oop)
    Tomorrow Never Dies:SE (sealed,silver,oop)
    A Life in Pictures: Kubrick Doc. (mint)
    Total Movie#1 (sealed mag /dvd-StarWars Troopers parody)
    Pretty as a Picture: D.Lynch Doc.
    A.Hitchcock Presents Vol. 2,3,4
    When a Stranger Calls Back (sequel - Babysitter thriller)
    Lost Battalion (A.Quinn)
    Voyage of the Damned
    Usual Suspects:SE
    This Sporting Life (Richard Harris)
    Dancer in the Dark
    Motel Hell/Deranged (2 on 1, I believe)
    Salton Sea
    and of course Criterions!
    Seventh Seal
    Tokyo Olympiad
    Man Bites Dog
    etc ...
    Some are higher in desire than others, a more detailed list exists as well as my home page that has my movies in possession. It is catergorized and there is a long list "Mucho Grande" that takes a bit to download, but pretty much lists them all alphabetically. Please take the time to sign the guestbook on the bottom as well. I'm not interested in Adult titles, but feel free to post any queries or email them too. Thanks in advance for having a look and no matter what - enjoy your addiction!
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    Oct 23, 2002
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    To the top for the weekend ...


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