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    Hi ya folks,

    Hope you all had a happy and safe holiday.

    Just added a few tips to the site. Hope you find them useful.

    (mistakenly posted this at the ht hardware forum.)

    * Toshiba Tips

    - Software SVM disable

    - Hardware SVM disable (link to pictures)

    * Hitachi Tips

    - Convergence

    - Grayscale adjustment

    - Service Manuals (download for FREE)

    * Panel of Experts

    >> Guy Kuo

    - Setting Contrast

    - Waiting Period Prior to Pro Calibration

    - Detecting SVM vs. Sharpening

    - Burn-in

    >> Atlanta Calibration Tour

    - Michael TLV reflects on the tour

    >> Mark Rejhon

    - Big Screen TVs

    - Advantages of HTPC

    - Definitive Superguide to Custom Resolutions on HDTV

    - DILA Calibration

    - DILA Resolutions

    - NEC XG135 Convergence Calibration

    - Home Automation How To

    * Mitsubishi Tips

    - Service Menu

    * Thomson Tips

    - Service Menu

    * New Transcoder

    - 4th transcoder possibility


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    Henry Carmona
    Wow, a little remodeling?
    Thanks for the tips
    Question: You write, "However, before you can actually DO anything, you have to hit the RECALL button on the TV's front panel a SECOND time, to send the D on the upper right side to becoming the 40H RCUT on the upper left side, and all commands up or down on the channel control of the remocon, from there."
    Either thats incorrect or im doing something wrong.
    My TV's front panel does not have a "RECALL" button, only on my remote. But still, pressing the "RECALL" on the romote doesnt bring up an S anywhere. I go straight from Service Mode on the right, to RCUT on the top left.
    Scrolling through, i cant find any of the parameters youve listed to disable SVM:
    I am trying this on a Toshiba 50H81. It does say that "Most" of the info would apply to my set. Is there another way for the H81's?
    This is where im getting the info

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