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    Bought house that was prewired for Everything! AIM LCR 3 speakers, center, front and surround, were all installed. Here is what I have bought and hooked up on my own: Denon AVR 3313CI receiver Denon DBT 1713 Blu Ray Two ASW 250 Subwoofers Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 5020UB projector Da lite projector screen Cox Cable Cisco box is my provider The control room is where i'm having them build shelves, and I have a guy coming in to install a SONOS system for the house. I also bought the ProControl system to be my remote, he has all of my make/model numbers and is programming now. Here is my question: I want to be able to play my movies without hassle. I was told that I could get a hard drive and every time I play a DVD in the player, it could be stored on the hard drive. That way I could just play directly from the hard drive. Is this true, or would I need a stand alone computer to play them from the hard drive. Or what are my other options??? Thanks. Jeff
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    Welcome to the forum. You could rip your DVD and BRay content to a hard drive or local NAS (Network Attached Storage) system and play your movies. However, it is not as simple as sticking your disc in a player and the movie being copied to the hard drive. Blu-Rays are larger (50GB) and generally take a long time to rip, if you can get past encryption and have a fast enough machine to do it. If you DVR your TV shows and Hard Drive or NAS option is better, and those could be saved directly to the devices a bit easier than ripping them yourselves.

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