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  1. carlos f

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    Mar 8, 2002
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    After constant needling my buddy is finally ready to take the plunge. He has 2k budget for 5.1 sound setup.

    I've made some recommendations based mostly on my biases, but i'd like to hear what you guys would do.

    I'm thinking receiver, sub, 5 speakers. 2k probably won't be enough to add amp so the receiver will need to have decent amount of power.


    btw: i said denon 1802, svs 25-31pci, HTD Level 3 y setup.
  2. Steve Zimmerman

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    Dec 6, 2001
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    If it were me...

    Diva 4.1 package $1300

    HSU VTF-2 Sub $400

    Denon 882 (1802) $325

  3. John Sully

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    Feb 25, 1999
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    I think you got it about right. The only difference in my reccomendation would probably be to get HTD Level III towers, mains and center and skip the sub. Then you could get a 20-36 PCi for more bass.

    So my list goes like this:

    HTD Level III towers: 479

    HTD Level III mains : 199

    HTD Level III center: 139

    SVS 20-36 PCi : 679

    Denon 882 (1802) : 375

    Panasonic RP56 : 200


    Total : 2071

    Buy a reel of Home Despot 12 AWG speaker wire and Radio Shack interconnects (1 digital coax, 1 component video) and you have a pretty kickin' system for not a whole lot of bucks.

    One caveat here, there are lots of nice speakers available for not a whole lot of bucks. The HTD's sound like a screamin' deal PSB, Paradigm, Axiom, Boston and many others make very nice sounding speakers that run about the same price as the HTD's.

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