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New Surge Protector Help, and Upgrade on Outlets

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Geoff S, Dec 2, 2002.

  1. Geoff S

    Geoff S Stunt Coordinator

    Jun 1, 2002
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    I'm looking to upgrade my surge protectors (supressors, powerstips, call them what you will) but I'm looking for some recomendations on what to get.

    I'm not looking to get a $5 POS, nor a $100 piece, just something in the middle. Mainly to provide full adequate clean power to my receiver, sub and TV, and one that provides good protection from damaging spikes in power, but not looking for anything extroadinary in this department. Thanks for any recomendations and information you all can dish out.

    2ndly on my agenda under the power subject... would it be a good idea or a waste of time to replace the 20 amp outlets that are used for my HT. The ones that are in are at least 10 years old, if not much older. Any better supply of more or cleaner power? Thanks for the insight.
  2. Bill Kane

    Bill Kane Screenwriter

    Feb 5, 2001
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    Here are several units with prices quoted in August from buy.com
    Tripplite ISOBAR6 DBS - $54.12
    Panamax MAX 8 DBS+5 - $55.70
    Belkin SurgeMaster Gold F9G933-10 - $33.14
    Panamax and Belkin units here include a satellite coax terminal wjich you may not need, thus models can be a little cheaper if you website search for those with just cabletv F-terminals protectors, but $33 for the Belkin Surgemaster is darn good. www.discountpanamax.com AKA powersystems is a good source for Panamax. Partsexpress.com carries the TrippLite.
    All surge protectors in this range come with AC line noise filters for EMI/RF, and this is about the extent of any line "cleaner" without getting into "power conditioners."
    If you feel that you are getting a dependable, reliable power supply from your local electric utility, and dont suffer Texas-style electrical/lightning storms frequently and attendant power interruptions, then these under $100 units will do fine as surge/spike protectors. Any manufacturer Connected Equipment Warranty is icing on the cake beyond requisite homeowner/renters insurance (and I wud verify coverage and deductibles on these).
    These units are all based on MOVs or metal oxide varistors which are designed to take surge/spike hits over a period of time but decline and actually fail in the sense of sacrificing themselves to save connected components. This means being aware of the Protection OK LED light and being prepared to replace the unit (perhaps free from the maker?) after catastrophic failure.
    Anyone getting 20-amp wall outlet service, in my opinion, has a fairly modern home-wiring circuit system. But it hinges on being certain the house electrical ground is secure and working outside the Main Service panel.
    While builders may use the cheaper wall duplex outlets, the only advantage to upgrading to an Industrial Specification grade duplex is beefier metal innards and tighter prong contacts. Duplex units if being replaced should offer side-screws over push-in holes, for greater long-term physical stability. Side screw-clamp is ok, too
    (fyi, this topic usually is covered in the Tweaking Forum and it may or may not be moved there.)

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