New sub from Adire: Dharman

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    This looks like a winner. Amp delivers 280 watts @ 4ohms/0.5% THD into the proven Shiva 12" driver, and has a customised HP "rumble" filter to help prevent overexcursion and bottoming which can occur when fed low bass below tuning. 2 x 3" flared ports tuned to 22Hz (seems an ideal HT tune for output/extension), giving it more porting/less compression than the 4" port used with most DIY Shivas. Nice lookin', too. Certainly looks like a competitor at $599 + shipping, and a steal given what's available in stores at that price.
    Thought you nice people would like to know. Companies like this and SVS really come through for consumers. Mike from HTT has one on the way for review.
    I wonder if they'll produce a "Greg" subwoofer now.
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