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Discussion in 'Displays' started by JohnSni, Dec 4, 2003.

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    First, let me thank the forum for the good advice that lead up to me choices below. Also see some questions I have regarding my system.

    I went from a 32" tube to:

    Toshiba 57H83 HDTV Monitor
    Zenith SAT-520 with DirecTV HD Package (via DVI)
    Pioneer Elite DV-45a (component video)

    Using existing Yamaha RX-495(?)dolby 5.1 receiver with Boston Acoustics Micros that I bought as a package some time ago.

    I think my system is great, HD pictures look incredible, particularly OTA sports programming. For instance the SEC Game of the Week on CBS is always stunning.


    1. I get a good signal on ABC OTA but Monday Night Football, while it appears to be in HD, routinely comes in 4:3 - I've never seen it in 16:9. The local drinking establishment has the same problem...rectangular monitor, square broadcast!

    2. On HD programming my set will not allow me to change the picture size. Neither will the Zenith. Any idea why?

    3. I cannot use POP while going through the DVI input. A major pain. Could I run a set of component cables from the Zenith to another vid input on the TV? Switching would be a pain as I would have to flick a toggle on the back of the Zenith to accomplish this. Any new DirecTV/OTA HD receivers where this functionality is on the remote or the front of the box?

    4. How should I run my set with a DVD....use the "Film" setting on the TV menu, or use progressive scanning on the DVD player...both....neither?

    5. When I got my TV the contrast was MAXED!! I cranked down to 50 but haven't cal'd this many tv consumers are frying their TV's because they get their sets out of the box with max contrast?

    6. What PVR would work best with this system? I don't/can't hook to a phone line.
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