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New speakers and my setup dilemma ! (1 Viewer)


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May 7, 1999
Hey folks,

I feel a little lost and could use your thoughts.

As it sits, my theater is in an unfinished basement. The full basement is about 45' x 45', but my theater takes up a corner and is about 16 x 14.

My system consists of

Pioneer 1014tx-k
Zenith 318 DVD player.... showing 1080i
Benq Pb-6110 DLP projector ...shown on a blackout cloth

Now the mess of speakers, some of which were just purchased, that's why I have so many.

2 PAIRS of Athena AS-f2s floor standing loudspeakers ... each speaker has dual 8" woofers and a 1" soft dome tweeter.

2 Athena AS-c1 centre channel speakers ... each with dual 5 1/2" woofer and a 1' soft dome tweeter.

2 Athena As-b1 bookshelf speakers ...each with a 5 1/2" woofer 1"tweeter

2 Paradigm Atoms v1.5 bookshelf speakers ... 5 1/2" woofer 3/4" tweeter

2 Athena AS-r1 bipolar rear speakers ... each with a 5 1/4" woofer and 2 1" offset tweeters.

I also have a Sonotube sub based on the 20-39 suing a DPL12, but this only KINDA figures in.

As it sits I'm using the 4 F2s for front and rear, and the C1 for centre, but I'm looking at moving to the BEST 7.1 setup I can with these speakers

I like the 4 F2s because of their ability to play loud, relatively low and clean. I was looking at adding the R1s for side surround, or a single one for a rear centre channel. The problem comes in that I need to keep the F2s at the back of the room, and I'm worried about using them as back surround speakers and that they may not get the workout they deserve.

Anybody have setup ideas, I don't have the option of moving the F2s to the side, but I COULD use 1 for a centre channel and use the other for a rear centre with the R1s for side surround.

How about some ideas?


Any extra speakers I have will be sold.

Chris Quinn

Jan 12, 2003
Shouldn't be any problem to have F2s in the back with the di-poles on the side as long as you use a set-up disc and sound meter to calibrate everything.

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