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John Alvarez

Sep 3, 2004
Does anyone know of the new Sony RPLCD's coming out? I read a quick blurb while waiting for the wife in Walden books. Also at Brandsmart they have to 70" XBR950 for $6200.00 and that usually indicates trying to move older models.

Andrew Grall

Supporting Actor
May 17, 1999
Well, there are currently the Grand Wega IV models out. These are pretty nice sets, especially the higher end ones (WF and XS series). I have actually ordered the 60XS955.

Early next year the replacement of the 70" XBR is due out. Instead of RP-LCD like the other Sony's, this one is a type of LCoS technology. It will also display 1080p resolution. However, the price tag is expected to be in the $10,000 range.

John Alvarez

Sep 3, 2004
What's the purpose of a cable card slot? Don't you have to use the reciever from the cbable or sattelite company?

John S

Senior HTF Member
Nov 4, 2003
Those interested in cable as their source can only hope the cable card technology matures. Right now, you get no On-Demand as well as some other features. Comcast in our area is being very slow to even adopt the technology. In the end, I'll bet most people just get the HD Cable box.

Gary SI

Stunt Coordinator
Sep 2, 2003
Hi ,
If you lack component space "Cable Card`s" seem like a good idea.
However the down side is that cable co.`s charge a service fee , where as if you just wanted a "box" you could pick on up and install it yourself.
The cable co.`s are worried that someone will have a hack for the card and try to down play there value.
While it is true that you don`t get "On-Demand" and no program guide , if you lack space and want Digital Cable , it may be the way to go.
I have no personal knowlage of the following , but from what I have read , the cable card should be blank when it goes into the TV and the TV need to do the addressing or formating.
After it does , it wil display a menu for the shows that you want [ ie: HBO , Showtime ect ] and after you make your selection a numerical code will be displayed.
It is at that piont that you should call your cable co. to get the programs you selected.
Cable Co`s want to do this in advance , thereby , going against the programming process that is involved within the TV itself.
IMO- That is why there is such a high level of failures within the new Cable Card ready TV`s ( XBR960 is one example ).
I`m sure that no one wants to steal cable service , there needs to be a trust so that the customer can install the Cable Card him or herself.
I truly believe that there would be far less problems if the TV has a blank Cable Card to "work with"
Just my thoughts , thank you , corrections are welcome as is any and all knowlage. :)
Gary ;)

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