New Sony Wega 34" CRT wide screen TV

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    Selling my new Sony 34" Hi-Scan® FD Trinitron® WEGA® TV
    model #KV-34HS510
    This is Sony's newest model. Paid $2000, will sell for $1500. Pick up only in Peoria, IL.
    Excellent picture and plenty of connections for everything.

    • 16:9 FD Trinitron® Picture Tube
    • Hi-Scan 1080i™ Display
    • Memory Stick® Media Playback (JPEG)*
    • HD Detailer™ Wideband Video Amplifier
    • DRC™ Digital Reality Creation™ MultiFunction Circuitry
    • CineMotion™ Reverse 3-2 Pulldown
    • Two Tone Cosmetic Design
    • ClearEdge VM™ (Wideband Velocity Modulation Scanning)
    • Wide Modes
    • DVI-HDTV Interface
    • MID™-X (Multi Image Driver-X)
    • Twin-View™ Two Tuner Picture and Picture
    • Scrolling Channel Index™ System
    • Multi Image Driver (MID™ X) Circuitry - With Sony's Twin View™ 2 Tuner Picture and Picture you can watch 2 full motion pictures side by side. Together, Twin View, and Sony's proprietary Multi Image Driver X Circuitry allows you to view analog along side of HDTV at the same time on the same screen. Also, with MID™ X both picture images are improved to 480 progressive image quality.
    • 16:9 FD Trinitron® Picture Tube
    • Memory Stick® Media Playback (JPEG)*
    • HD Detailer™ Wideband Video Amplifier
    • Two Tone Cosmetic Design
    • Wide Modes
    • Video Features
    • Dynamic Focus™ Circuitry
    • Dynamic Picture™ Circuitry
    • Trinitone® Color Temperature
    • ClearEdge VM™ (Wideband Velocity Modulation Scanning)
    • Vertical Aperture Compensation
    • Vertical Center Adjustment
    • 3 D Digital Comb Filter
    • Auto Program
    • Caption Vision (CC)
    • Channel Fix
    • Channel Label
    • Channel Skip/Add
    • Clock/Timer Two Event
    • Energy Star® Compliant
    • Favorite Channel With Preview
    • Front Button Menu Control
    • Picture Freeze
    • Channel Jump
    • On Screen Display (English/Spanish/French)
    • Program Palette™ (Vivid/Movie/Standard/Sports)
    • Tilt Correction
    • Scrolling Channel Index™ System
    • Sleep Timer Function
    • Speed Surf™ Channel Selection
    • V Chip Parental Control
    • Video Label
    • Auto Pedestal Clamp
    • Auto White Balance
    • High Voltage Regulator
    • Audio Features
    • TruSurround® SRS® Audio (15W x 2)
    • Steady Sound™ Automatic Volume Control With BBE® Audio Effect
    • Auto Mute Tuner
    • Auto SAP
    • Audio Output (Fixed/Variable)
    • DVI-HDTV Interface (Digital Visual Interface) - has been added for the latest generation in high definition television connectivity. A single wire delivers a full digital uncompressed HD signal that can be received from any DVI set top box.
    • Hi-Scan 1080i™ Display - Sony's Hi-Scan1080i™ TV's accept the full 1080 interlaced scanning lines (1080i) or 720 progressive scan (720p) from an external HDTV receiver or a compatible high definition digital satellite receiver. It also accepts 480 progressive (480p) scanning lines from compatible DVD video sources.
    • HD MicroFocus(tm) CRT's - By using an impregnated cathode and a denser phosphor layer, this CRT produces a 30% tighter beam spot compared to previous models.
    • Digital Reality Creation™ (DRC™)-Multifunction Circuitry - This Sony proprietary technology displays four times the picture resolution compared to conventional models for excellent picture quality.
    • CineMotion™ Reverse 3-2 Pulldown Technology - is a fixed algorithm irrespective of source which preserves the integrity of movie film frames to create the best possible image
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