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    Has anybody bought the new Sony SACD changer SCD-CE775? How about a review? I see that the local stores are selling it for ~$350. I need a new CD changer, and for that price I think I might get it instead of just a CD changer.
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    I read a review of the 'CE775 from an owner a couple of weeks ago on the Hi-Rez Highway message board on . This particular message board is dedicated to SACD and DVD-Audio. The owner of the 'CE775 bought it strictly for multi-channel SACD, as he also has a Sony SCD-C333ES stereo SACD/CD carousel changer. He said that for the money, the 'CE775 is a good purchase. Not surprisingly, he found that CD and stereo SACD playback fell short of the 'C333ES (which originally retailed for $1200 and is an excellent component) by a significant margin. However, he was blown away by multi-channel SACD on the 'CE775. He had no other multi-channel SACD player to compare it to, however. Anyway, he also owns the Technics DVD-A10 DVD-Audio player and said that multi-channel SACD was much better than DVD-Audio. The individual who posted this review uses the moniker "Terror" on Audio Asylum. You might want to post your question to his attention over there. I've had many exchanges with him and he is always helpful and courteous. I'm sure he can help with you with anything you want to know about the player. Hopefully others here can help you as well.
    As for me, I am interested in getting a multi-channel SACD player, but I am going to wait for the Sony SCD-C222ES carousel changer that should be out in September. It will retail for $800, but should be available by mail for $550-600. I've seen the 'CE775 in stores and have not been impressed with the build quality (it isn't an ES product). I am hoping the 'C222ES will be built better. Still, I see the 'CE775 as a good value based on what I have read.
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    I have been looking at the 775 also, and eventhough it is not ES, I think it will be a great player. I was looking at getting a carousel CD/DVD to play my CDs on, but this unit looks like a much better choice at about the same price.
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