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Calico Silver

Nov 30, 2018
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Craig McD
Thanks for the forum, I have been lurking around and learning many new things.

For Christmas we are replacing a serviceable but unremarkable JVC dvd theater-in-a-box 5.1 system. It has done its job, but now time for retirement.

I already have purchased an entirely new set up, and most of it has been delivered: Onkyo TX-NR777 a/v receiver, and the 5.1.2 speakers include the Polk TSI compatible group: center CS10, subwoofer PSW10. Rears are Polk T15 (to save some $) plus Onkyo Atmos speakers, and for the front I have on backorder the cherry color Polk TSI 100. I paid $130 for those fronts.

Tonight I found that I could buy a pair of Polk TSI 200 for $140. They are the black finish, and I was really going for the cherry. The TSI 200 are typically $200, which is what I would have to pay for the cherry finish. I am thinking of canceling the TSI 100, and buying the 200 instead - even though they are black finish.

Can anybody confirm that the sound quality is really going to be that much better? Asthetics are important to me, but saving $60 on the 200s is a factor. If I bought those I would cancel the back order of the 100s.

Listenting to TV/movies 85%, and Spotify 15% (no gaming). Room is typical living room, about 15 x 19’. HT on long side of room, directly opposite sofa.

I struggled from the outset whether to buy the 100s or 200s, but opted for the cherry finish and the less money - but if the sound is that much better I certainly would change my mind and pay the extra $10. I welcome your input. THANKS, C

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