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    What ideas have you got for the new servers (I know a lot depends on the amount of cash raised).
    I can't remember what the current specs of the HTF servers are, but it seems that the main overhead of HTF is the database. Xeon processors seem to be recommended for intensive database work (although they are expensive).
    Parker, I came across this article which might be of interest.
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    The database server seems to run fine with its dual 1.26G CPU with 512K cache on each CPU, it also has a dual channel RAID with 4 40G 10K SCSI HDs.

    What is slowing us down during the day is the webserver. We have a dual CPU server but could only get it to run on one CPU. Whenever we tried to use both CPUs the server would crash.

    So....we are going to build two dual CPU servers with 1G of RAM on each and a 40G SCSI HD. Since the webserver side isn't that large we are going to try to set it up to run it out of RAM. Having the two dual CPUs for the webserver should really take care of a lot of the issues we have been running into with server loads.

    We have been sharing resources for the webserver with the database. Once we get the webservers built the present layout for the database should be able to easily run without the need to also provide resources for the webserver.


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