New recevier and "cable tv"


Mar 31, 2003
I finally upgraded my old pro logic receiver. Yamaha rx-v590. Bought the Yamaha htr-5550. There really doesn't seem to be much of a difference when watching tv through a cable box. Is it them or could it be my connections. All rca connections(red,white,yellow). I hear people rave about their surround sound systems. Is it just when watching dvd's? Thanks for any help.

Brian Corr

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May 10, 1999
There shouldn't be any difference really for video. The video is simply switched by the receiver, not enhanced or anything like that.

If you can use an S-video connection, you will get a much better picture.

As far as sound goes, DVD's are where it's at! Make sure you are listening in Dolby Digital 5.1 or Dts 5.1 to get the full effect.

Marty Neudel

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Mar 16, 1999

If your receiver has Dolby ProLogic 2, you might try experimenting with the music mode for movies. Many people prefer it to the movie mode.

When your cable carrier goes to digital AND if he carries Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, you will further enjoy the extra benefits of your new receiver. Also, in the future, you will find that dss(satellite) offers DD 5.1 sound, as does the new HDTV standard.


Jerome Grate

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May 23, 1999
David, just to tag onto what Marty stated, definitely if you don't have Digital Cable, there will be no difference in what you see or hear. My problem with cable 5 years ago was that only some channels were in stereo like the networks, and some basic cable channels like TBS or USA. I use to have this Proscan HiFi VCR that detected Stereo HIFI and get this Mono HIFI. I looked it up and the back of the manual there it was mono HIFI. I guess in cables defense their monoural signal was at least a good one
. Anyway just wanted to add that. Hopefully if you don't have digital cable, you'll be getting it soon. If there doing it my area upstate New York, then I'm pretty sure you'll be getting it soon, of course all assuming you don't have it already.


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Sep 4, 2002
Check the back of your cable box for a digital output,either coaxial (RCA) or fiber optic (TOSLINK).
If it has one, or the other, you most likely have digital cable. If so, you will then need to to get the correct cable, and connect it from the cable box to the proper digital input on the back of your Yamaha.
I an not familiar with Yamaha receivers but you might then have to go into it's setup menu to tell it to look for a digital signal when cable is selected IE: video-1,TV, or whatever input you are using for cable viewing.

Here's the kick in the you know what:b
In my cable system, (Time Warner-Now-Brighthouse)only select shows/movies are broadcast in DD 5.1 and the cable company tells me it's not up to them, they only pass along what is sent to them from HBO,Showtime,CBS,ETC.
So you will still need the hook up you are presently using for non digital programming.
My receiver then automatically switches between the two formats, and a blue light lights up when it's receiving 5.1

Hope this helps,

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