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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by sean f, Jan 4, 2004.

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    I am new here so if I ask dumb questions please forgive me. I am in the market for a new receiver and dvd player. I currently have a Yamaha rv703 receiver (about 6 years old) paird with a Sony DVPs5665d dvd my speakers are as follows

    front cerwin vega re 25
    surround boston cr75
    center boston vr 920
    sub a sony powered 75w

    my questions are as follows

    my receiver is great but only has analog 5.1 inputs. my DVD player is acting up and my thinknig is to replace both with more up to date units. I recently visited cambridge sound works, and the salesman there said that Denon and Marantz were the same company but Marantz was the beter line, I believe that he only said this because they dont stock Denon, any help with this would be appreciated. Also any info/advice/comparrison on the new digital Sony es 3000/5000 would be appreciated. should I stay with Yamaha as we listen to music about 35% of the time and my Yamaha does not sound as bright as I would like please help!

    PS around 1000 to spend for both

    thanks for any help
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    That's a hard call..........No one here can really tell you what you will like. Is that the only store there that sells HT equipment? Listen to some of their stuff. Go listen to other brands too. Marantz makes fine equipment. So does Denon. So does Yamaha. So does JVC. I, personally, use JVC. I think you get more bang for the buck...... But if I had your money, I'd probably go with Denon. A friend of mine has a 2803 receiver, and I like it a lot! You can get a Pioneer DV 563A universal player for about $170-$180, at Best Buy or Circuit City. What most of us likes about the not only does an excellent job with dvds, it also plays dvd-a and sacd 5.1 music discs.
    Whatever you get, you'll probably have for many years. So take your time, and get what you'll like. Listen to them and see how user friendly they are...........

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