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Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by Chris Lockwood, May 18, 2003.

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    Some upcoming reality shows to watch for...

    The Polygamist (ABC): One handsome bachelor. Twenty attractive single women. Twenty roses. Will he marry all the women?

    American Idiot (FOX): Celebrity judges attempt to find the stupidest person in America.

    Beer Factor (UPN): Intoxicated contestants perform extreme stunts.

    1975 House (PBS): Teens from 2003 are forced to live like their parents once did, without cell phones, the Internet, CDs, or video games, and only three channels of TV.

    The Jackie Kennedy Experiment (TV Land): Classic episodes of the early 1960s White House hidden camera show. Watch the first lady prank her rich and famous friends. The series includes the infamous newly-discovered "Intern" episode.

    Are You Horny (Cinemax): Attractive singles drop all pretense of seeking relationships and get it on.

    Ego Challenge (USA): Watch celebrites rough it by living like regular people, with no servants, and doing their own cooking and cleaning while living in a modest apartment.
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    Shhhhh!!!!! Don't give them any ideas!!!! [​IMG]


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