New Radio to have both Sirius & XM

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    Dual XM/Sirius Radio Could Appear This Year
    June 19, 2006

    Satellite radio enthusiasts who subscribe to both XM and Sirius may soon be able to consolidate both of their satellite subscriptions into one radio receiver. A company called Interoperable Technologies, a joint venture between Sirius and XM, is currently working to create interoperable satellite radio receiver technology that allows subscribers to access both services. Last year the company successfully completed the design of a radio capable of receiving both services, and now they have a timeline to bring a receiver to market this year, says

    A message on the Interoperable Technologies Web site reads, "Having all XM and Sirius programming available together in a single radio can be quite the compelling experience. Or, for those consumers unsure of which of two great services to commit to, offering a choice between Sirius or XM - independent of purchased hardware - may lower entry barriers and further accelerate the adoption of this exciting new media. To these ends, Interoperable Technologies continues to develop dual-mode receiver technology able to receive either or both satellite radio services."
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    Ronald Epstein

    It's about time.

    As originally part of their broadcasting agreement, both
    SIRIUS and XM were required by the government to make
    available hybrid radios.

    Once this new radio appears I suspect that future hybrids
    will become the norm.

    Thanks for posting this news.

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