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    My first foray into a Home Theater quality video display, I purchased the Infocus SP 7200 DLP projector in December. I finally got my Firehawk screen last month and now have a complete HT setup. I have posted some photos on the web; see my sig.

    I am very happy with my 7200, but given that I'm not a video aficionado and graduated from a 35" SDTV, I didn't expect to be anything less than thrilled (being more audio-inclined, I'm happy to be rid of the big box between my mains). Although I have not seen any other HD2-based projectors, I did see a couple of HD1s, and the 7200 is noticeably better (e.g., color, depth). I suspect that most folks would be very happy with any of the HD2 projectors from a picture quality perspective.

    BTW, I have no problems with rainbows, headaches, etc. due to DLP, at least the ones I have seen.

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    that's a really nice system you have there.[​IMG] [​IMG]
    Now all we need is some screen shots.[​IMG]

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