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New Previews Online: Not Another Teen Movie & Gangs of New York (1 Viewer)

Kevin Leonard

Supporting Actor
Mar 11, 2001
Well, I saw the trailer to Gangs of New York from an alternate site. WOW!!!!!! Looks like an epic mix of romance, stunning sets and costumes, history and violence.
Even Leonardo DiCaprio looked decent...same goes for his Irish accent (thankfully he didn't study in the sound-like-a-leprechaun class that Tom Cruise apparently took for Far and Away). So nice to see Daniel Day-Lewis back onscreen as well; this appears to be one of his few badass roles. And Cameron Diaz...well, she's a redhead; that's about all I gathered from the trailer.
And I will say this: from the tantalizing glimpses shown in the trailer, this film may contain the gang fight to end all gang fights. :) Since I am a Scorsese whore, you can bet I'll be there on opening day.
Have yet to see the teen movie trailer; when I do I'll let you know.
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Seth Paxton

Senior HTF Member
Nov 5, 1998
Not Another Teen Movie - finally a film that says what I've been dying to scream at the top of my lungs. Man do those films have it coming to them in spades.
"If you liked Scary Movie...WHO GIVES A SHIT!"

I've been in line for Gangs since day 1 as a Leo fan and as someone who thinks MS is the best director of the last 25 years.

Matt Stone

Senior HTF Member
Jun 21, 2000
Real Name
Matt Stone
I agree with you 100% Seth...That "Not Another Teen Movie" trailer cracked me up...looks like an instant classic, hehe.
And Gangs of New York...wow. It just looks epic...that's the only word that I can think of...epic.
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