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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by DAN NEIR, Oct 30, 2007.


    DAN NEIR Guest

    After having had my 1,000,000 problem w/ my second Samsung BD-P1400, I've decided to return it to Best Buy tomorrow in exchange for another player. The choices are
    Panasonic DMP-BD10AK or 10K
    Sony BDP-S500 or 300
    Sharp Aquos BD-HP20U
    Any suggestions on which one is the best?
    My 1st 1400 would glitch up and lose audio.
    The second 1400 started out ok but after upgrading to the latest firmware upgrade, it now drops audio from dolby true hd to pro logic. It did this during Hostel and today thru out the entire Spider-Man trilogy. Its connected to my Denon 3802 receiver via an optical out.

    DAN NEIR Guest

    I just returned from Best Buy, ended up w/ another 1400. They didn't have any Panasonics (10AK) because they said they were waiting for the new one. So I told them I'd take another 1400 and if it has problems again I'd return it for the Panasonic when it comes out. I'm not going to upgrade the firmware on this one. Right now I'm watching Silver Surfer for any glitches, after that I'll watch Spidey 2.1

    DAN NEIR Guest

    Just finished Silver Surfer and no problems. Watching Spidey 2.1 now
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    All I can say is that my Panasonic has been glitch free since the time I got it which was a year ago. It has played every single movie I have thrown at it.

    DAN NEIR Guest

    The 1400 ended up freezing during day After Tomorrow w/ the global warming game on at about 36mins. Just shut down and wouldn't come back on. Took it back to Best Buy and got a 60GB PS3. I should have gotten this player from the get go. Loads quicker, no glitches on Day After or Spidey 2 and of course it plays games(which my wife seems to like).
    When I returned the 1400 the guy at the store said I was the second person returning one that day.

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