New Pioneer SD582HD5 - a good deal

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    Sep 18, 2002
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    I spent a few weeks delving deep into the net's resources of RPTV reviews, including this forum. I looked over features and brands and everything in between.

    But then I just happened to stumble across this deal and rendered a lot of that moot (for the actual purchase, anyway, I am still glad to be an informed consumer).

    I bought this set at Costco for $1999.77 (plus tax). Now I see that on-line there are prices for the new SD533HD5 which are only $500 more - and have the old Elite level line doublers. I don't understand how the new 53" line would be so much less than where the SD532HD5's were when they came out. Is it just a marketing decision or did they remove some features or functionality?

    Also, could anyone comment on Pioneer's position re: DVI/firewire? I don't see anything on their site. It seems that even their Elites don't support these future connections?

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    Jun 28, 2001
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    The new Elites (maybe due out at the end of this year) are rumored to have 2 DVI outputs.

    I just picked up the 643HD5 at Costco and am really happy with it, especially for the price. Check out the Pioneer forum over at Home Theater Spot for some more info if you are interested.


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