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  1. jeff peterson

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    Nov 29, 1998
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    I currently have a PII/350 Mhz PC, 7 GB hard drive, 128 MB RAM, and integrated video running Win 95.

    The PC has a USB port but Win 95 isn't supporting it; so I'm thinking of upgrading to Win 98 so I can use the port for an MP3 player. Also, I'd like to get a video card for gaming and the ones for sale all require Win98 at a minimum.

    So, while I'm at it, I was thinking of another hard drive (40 Gig or so) and maybe another 128 MB of RAM.

    The Win98 is $90, video card can be had (32 MB) for 60, hard drive for $150, RAM for $50.

    At a total of $350, is it worth it? Or should I just upgrade to a new PC and retire this as a second unit. I should mention it works fine for AOL, word processing, Quicken, dialing into work, etc. It just freezes on my son's game playing at times and I'd like to have a USB port so I can get a portable MP3 player (I'm a runner).

    Your opinions, ladies and gents?

    Thanks to all.

    PS..If I upgrade, should it be to Compaq, HP, Gateway, Dell, other? And what are the minimum specs?
  2. Kelley_B

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    Time for a new one.

    Might as well build your own....its the only way to go if you ask me.
  3. JasenP

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    It may cost you you more to build a new system, but you will save so many headaches trying to configure new hardware into your older rig.

    I highly recommend building your own system. You learn SOOO much more about troubleshooting and basic repairs if you do it yourself. Not to mention, you get EXACTLY what you want.

    Good Luck!
  4. Derek Williams

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    Dec 16, 2001
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    you can buy a new on for around $300 with out the OS and $400 with the OS. I buy locally from The computer is a 900Mhz AMD, 20G HD, 128MB RAM with sound/vide built into the board.
  5. Jeff Lehr

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    Jun 30, 1997
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    For a general-use computer, it really doesn't make sense to build your own, considering you can find systems at very reasonable prices. Of course, if price is of no concern, by all means go ahead and build it yourself. You'll learn a lot and be able to more easily troubleshoot things when they go wrong.
    Keep checking at for their refurbished systems. You still get a warranty and a year of tech support.
    A few months ago I got a couple of 1.2Ghz systems for $335 each (without monitor, and actually with shipping, it was a total of $435 each). But considering they came with Windows XP and other software, the computer itself was less than $200.
    Don't forget to figure in the cost of the OS and other software if you're going to build your some cases it will drive up the price to almost double of what it takes to build it.
    Then again, if you shop around, there are some good deals on software to be had, also. I recently got copies of Windows XP Pro and 2000 Pro (both full installs, not upgrades) on eBay for around $160 each. Sometimes it pays to stay up until 4am to bid on eBay! [​IMG]

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