New Paradigm's or these DIY?

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    I love my Paradigm Monitor speakers! But, I'm itching to upgrade to the Studio line, maybe 60's or 100's, as music listening is becoming a greater percentage for me now over HT.[​IMG]
    I stopped in at Madisound when traveling thru Wisconsin last week and they mentioned that they have a new tower design kit at:
    This is an interesting design by Dr. Joseph D'Appolito for SEAS. The kit sells for $1550.00 with cabinets.
    I use to build my own speakers back in the late 60's and it was very gratifying, although I had no idea what I was doing. Do you think this would be a better alternative versus 60's or 100's?[​IMG]
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    The savings with a DIY kit have allowed me to consider going this route also. Currenty, I have Paradigm Monitor 7 and 5's in my system. A few months ago, I heard the Kit 281 system offered by Adire Audio, and the 281 is a much more detailed speaker. I will build six of these next year if all goes well. The nice part of the kit is the crossovers are pre-built, so you only have to build and finish the cabinets. Each pair costs $339, and Adire has three cabinet designs in pdf form so you can build vented speakers for you main, and smaller sealed speakers for a center or surround.
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    You are much better off going with DIY stuff. How much do you think it cost's Paradigm to make speakers? I would say about 1/10th of what you buy them for. After dealer mark up of several hundred percent. Manufacturer profit, shipping costs, etc. You will be much better off going with a DIY kit. I decided to go this route instead of paradigm mini monitors. I got audiophile monitor speakers with quality drivers/components, a custom MDF cabinet w/veneer finish all for about the same price as the mini's and my pair of 5 1/4" speakes will rival any retail speaker at many times its price. I'm sure they will outperform the studio series in clarity and imaging.
    You may want to give a look. They have floorstanding kits and monitor kits. A great value!
    I'm sure they will at least match the thors from madisound.
    Look at the Paradox3 kit or AV3 Kit.

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