New Outer Limits season sets..Any news????...

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    When I heard that MGM was releasing Outer Limits in "Theme" sets. I was upset and annoyed. Why couldn't they release the entire show? But, I think it was for 2 reasons. 1-They wanted to see if the show would sell. And 2- Maybe they had syndication deals that prevent the entire show being released.
    In any case I decided to get the sets. If only to let MGM that this show will sell on dvd. Has anyone heard anything about season sets coming out for this show?

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    I bought the theme discs. I am usually a "season-set" only person, but in a case of anthology shows like Outer Limits or Twilight Zone I don't mind as much since the shows are stand-alone episodes.

    Actually theme sets might even be preferable in the case of a few episodes that were "sequels" to each other such as "Quality of Mercy" and "The Light Brigade". I'd love to see those episodes on the same disc.

    That said, I was surprised that MGM put "Valerie 23" on one of the theme discs and not "Mary 25". They were separate stories, but based on the same concept.

    I also could do without any of the crappy "clip shows" that they would throw together every season. Hopefully MGM will put those out separately so I can avoid buying them.

    I was also surprised that the theme sets included a lot of recent episodes from after the show left Showtime for the Sci-Fi channel. These newer episodes weren't as good, in my opinion.
  3. Michael St. Clair

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    I posted about these yesterday...after using the search function first to make sure nobody had talked about them. :p)
    Anyhow, here is what I said:
    I bought the 'Sex and Sci Fi' disc at Best Buy to check out the series (hey, 10 bucks, 6 episodes).
    Titles are mastered as DVD-14. 2 eps on 1 side, 4 on the other.
    Episodes: Caught in the Act, Bits of Love, Valerie 23, Human Operators, Skin Deep, Flower Child
    Subtle artifacts are common just like they are on the TNG discs, but most people won't notice unless they have a critical eye and a high-end display. Looks a lot better than VHS, but not reference quality. For 4:3 reference quality, see Farscape.
    2.0 sound is adequate but not impressive.
    Everything is in 4:3. Some of these eps are supposedly as recent as 2001. Weren't later seasons shot in widescreen?
    There is another disc about Time Travel and something or other. But if you are only buying one disc to try out the series, which are you going to buy?

    So does anyboy know about the 16:9 thing? Wasn't there a season or two shown in 16:9 on Showtime?

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