New Nintendo to be online enhanced? Question about Sports games...

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    Yes, this does belong in the Software forum [​IMG].

    Unfortunatly, all my friends have lives of their own now, and are either out of state, or have familly lives. That means that there's no use for Multi-Player games around this household.

    I've always wanted to try a sports title, but figure it would be rather boring with one person around. NBA Jam would be a perfect example.

    However, if the New Nintendo would be Online Enhanced for say, Cable Modems, I'd gladly pick one up. A whole slew of people playing in a World Series baseball game would be rather fun. For example, Red sox fans playing a simulated version of the team against Yankee fans. Or Basketball vrs Hockey, the latter in wich the players can get into fights with each other just like in the real thing [​IMG]..

    Any chance this might happen with the new console?
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    Well the GameCube is online capable, with the purchase of the right adaptor.

    Sure the ability to do what you are talking about would be fun, but what about those guys who get stuck playing the line in football or goalie in soccer, etc.

    Also rumor has it that Nintendo will launch a new series of games called World Smash soon.
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    Nintendo is prepping some online projects right now, mostly games with their characters (such as Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario Tennis, see a trend?). Granted, this is all rumors.

    What you're talking about is already happening sort of. I dunno if any games do more than 2 people in a game (one for each team) for sports games, but it would make sense if they did that soon. Even so, you can still play some games online, but only 1 GameCube game so far is online-enabled. Give it time and they'll get more.

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