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Oct 29, 2008
Real Name
George P.
Hello, what a great website and forum resource for home theaters. Wish I would have found this site a few weeks ago as I just upgraded portions of the home theater. Perhaps this group could give some recommendations on new speakers and a new HDTV provided.

The reason for the change - I was changing the lamp on our existing Sony rear-projection and found the plastic door had melted shut, warped, and once pried off turned out it had charred a bit - not good. Wife was not happy and she insisted on a new one

Decided to go with LCD based system and upgrade to HDMI cables. Viewing distance is about 10’ to 11’. Primary uses – broadcast HD movied, DVD and blu-ray movies, on-line gaming (PS3 and Xbox 360), also HD sports, and documentaries. The system is a combination of some new items and some existing.

Room size is 13’ x 12’ off the kitchen.

Current system:

Samsung LN-52A650 52" LCD (new)
Marantz SR4003 AV receiver (new)
SpeakerCraft Dual 6 subwoofer 150w (new)
PS3 - HDMI (new)
Comcast Cable HD Box HDMI (new) versus old component unit
Xbox 360 – Component (existing)
NHT super zero – surround (existing)
NHT super one – Left and Right front (existing)
NHT Center Channel (existing)

Questions –

I am looking for speaker recommendations that are about the same size as the NHT line and that would marry up nice with the receiver. If make and model numbers provided will give them a listen to see if upgrading is warranted.

Recommendations on an easy to use universal remote? Anyone?

What other HDTV service provider should I be considering – NE of Chicago about 60 miles or so. Internet and phone service is very good with comcasdt but the HD TV selection is so so.

Thanks for your help looking forward to using and perhaps contributing on this forum in the future.


Nov 16, 2008
Real Name
Joseph Rickard
Well for the remote. I have a harmony 550. It's awesome. I have alot of the same stuff you have, with 2 receivers for second zone. The Harmony can be programmed to do what ever you want with one button. Takes a little time to set up via computer, but well worth the money. Note: that model wont do blue tooth. But for 10 bucks or so you can get a usb adapter with remote that you can set up on the Harmoney.

If you can get FIOS in your area. Thats the way to go. It's way better than comcast.

I got nothing for ya as far as speakers. I'm no pro on this stuff either.

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