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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by JRT2006, Jun 30, 2012.

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    Hello all, new member and big home theater enthusiast. Joining the site to pick everyones brains as I hope to gain some good knowledge in the HT world.
    To begin, my name is Ryan. Ive got three kiddos (and Im a single dad) who FORTUNATELY sleep well through loud noises =). I'm a firefighter, and I hope to one day upgrade the "theater" room in the department.
    I'm a huge movie buff and my obsession is collecting blu rays. On top of that I'm always picking around with my equipment, internet searching for new ideas or tips to improve something that may or may not need further improvement.
    My equipment list:
    Denon AVR 2310CI AVR
    Klipsch RF52's for my front channels
    Klipsch RC52 for my Center
    Klipsch RS42 for my side surrounds
    Klipsch RB51 for my back surrounds
    Klipsch RW10D for my subwoofer.
    Sony KDL-60EX500 (Got from a class action lawsuit on Sony for cheap =P)
    All equipment is hooked up with a fatboy PS3 which i use for my movie watching, music listening, game playing, and internet browsing.
    I can say now my main purpose on here is the following:
    Meet new friendly HT enthusiast
    Browse for bargains on new toys
    Gain knowledge on set-up; i.e placement, settings, frequencies, distances, levels, etc.
    Well, time to start digging through the threads!:D
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    Firefighter eh? :patriot: Well, I can assure you we all use CL-2 or CL-3 in-wall speaker wire around here. Really, we do. Got to follow those gov't mandated fire codes. No need to come over and check. You can trust us. We even have receipts! Got to be around here someplace....Must be in the trunk of my car. Uh-Oh, sold the trunk last year. The car, too. But I can get copies. Give me a week or two. I'll mail them to ya. Now, where's my suitcase and passport...Uh-Oh...must be in the trunk....
    Welcom Ryan. We also have a big movie/tv following around here :chatter: . Be sure to check them out as well. The Big Lots thread in the Bargains And Deals Forum is legendary. But I'd steer clear of the Testy Area 51 thread :alien: until your sense of humor gets up to speed. It's Halloween 365 days a year over there :eek:
    Nice choice for a receiver. That's the sweet spot between features and cost. Not too expensive with a bunch of things you'll never use but enough of the things you will. Klipsch is a love'm or...not speaker with their horn-loaded tweeters. But I like a brighter sound for movies/tv. And more than one musician has said a bright speaker better represents what a live concert really sounds like. But personally, I prefer a softer sound for music. But that's why there are so many choices. We all like different things. Along with...ahem...CL rates wires and should also have all equipment plugged into surge protectors, and most members really like universal remotes, mostly Harmony models.
    And yes, setup and calibration is a big part of how the over-all system will perform. Audyssey is nice but it usually needs a little tweaking here and there. A good video disk like Video Essentials is also recommended to get your display looking as sharp as your fire truck...which you can leave right there in the drive way. I will get you those receipts real soon. Got to get a suitcase and passport first. See ya' round! :cool:
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    Steve Tannehill
    Welcome to HTF, Ryan!

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