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    Jan 2, 2002
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    Hello all. I have been browsing around the site and it looks like a lot of good information here. I hate to ask this question since it seems like similar questions have been asked before, but here goes...

    I think I have my selections narrowed to 2. I have a relatively small room so huge TVs don't interest me. I have been looking at two that I think I can get a good deal on, so I am looking for opinions as well as verification of some of the things the salespeople have told me.

    Mitsu WT46809


    Tosh 50HX81

    I originally went around looking at the 42" Tosh, but see that these two can be had for a similar price when going to the right store. 50" would be my upper limit.

    Questions as I can think of them for now...

    1. What are the upgrades (other than size, and in plain English, please) when going from the 42H81 to the Cinema Series 50HX81?

    2. I have been told by a few people that they think the Mitsu holds up better over time as far as picture quality. Anyone agree/disagree? I guess I'm not talking about things that can be fixed easily, but permanent wear and tear was the impression I got.

    3. What are good prices for these models? I see web prices, but I wouldn't order them over the web. I would prefer a Sears/Best Buy/Circuit City type store. Which store (if any) will haggle over the price?

    Thanks in advance for your help. It has been some time (15-20 years) since I have been TV shopping, and figure its time to do this right.

  2. Dave Reichert

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    Dec 29, 2001
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    Personally I like the Mitsu a bit better. You won't find the Mitsu at Circuit Sh*tty, or Worst Buy if I remember right. Sears (stock # 54171) does sell it though for $2199. They'll also price match virtually anybody. There's a store that's local here in Denver (maybe elsewhere too, I'm not sure), called the Big Picture and they usually have good deals on the Mitsu stuff. I'm searching for their site right now to get a price for ya. It's also easier to manually converge the Mitsu since that's the primary method. The Toshiba has Touch Focus as its primary, and should have a manual system in the service menu somewhere. Also, the Mitsu has a stand to help solve the issue of where to store components. Personally, if I were to buy one of those two, it would be the Mitsu, and I've considered getting that model for when I upgrade from my dinky 27". Okay, I'm not finding any prices here. Check around though, and let them know the cheapest price out there. Good luck!

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