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New MCM 10" Passive Radiator, 55-2425 (1 Viewer)

Steve Fiedler

Aug 12, 2000
Hello All, Has anyone tried the new MCM 10" Passive Radiator @ $16/ea? Anybody know the ~Xmax? How much massing it can take? ...I have emailed MCM Tech Support for additional details, no news yet. ...As mentioned on the MCM website, this should be a great deal for pairing with the 55-2421. I am think a pair of 10" PRs (55-2425) with a single 8" Sub (55-2421) and a cheap plate amp makes a great little sub! Cheers, Steve


Second Unit
Nov 30, 2001
Steve have a look at my site
I have yet to load the info I did a compare between the Tb 704C and the 2421
MCM sent me 2 of the PR,s you are talking about and a few 2421 to try them out against the TB
Well for the money the MCM and the twin PR,s from MCM is not that bad.
Very very limited in power out put as the XMAX is about 7mm on the PR's.
I had told Jay at MCM to have the Xmax 24mm as a Min.But these were made and cheap at that.
Using a 75-100watt AMP they need the boost in around 35 to keep them alive.
With out the boost they just get over drived.
As they are only 8" subs (2421 and the 704C from TB)
Out put is limited with these PR'S.
So I talked to Bob at CSS
About these 50mm PR's from RCM and the AMPS from RCM as well.
Well a single PR from CSS will make these 8" drivers very happy compared to the 2 MCM PR'S
As the single from CSS has 50mm of XMAX to the 14-16 mm from 2 of the MCM PR's
Then I put 2 of the RCM PR'S from CSS in the same cabinet as the 2 MCM PR,s and These subs will take the power to the limits of there handling long as you stay with the boost on.
They will both go 150 watts with the boost and above 35HZ.

So I have played with all the combos and just got MLSSA and will be getting to files for CSS to show the MCM driver,TB driver with the Twin and single PR's from CSS.
Along with the MCM twin PR's.

If you go to the MCM PR'S get 3at least for if you are willing.
To get the XMAX.
AS these 8" subs really need a high XMAX PR with very stiff compliance.

Good luck


Also look at the RCM apms at CSS with switchable boost right on the rear of the plate amp
No need to remove the AMP to adjust the boost.VERY VERY cool:emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup:

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