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Apr 29, 2008
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Maybe this has been covered already, but I called up magnepan today and enquired about upcoming models. This is what I've learned:

The representative said that Magnepan is coming out with several new speaker models within the next few months and production will begin relatively soon. I expect 3-4 months until they show up in dealers, but wasn't given exact timing other than the fact that they are definitely being planned to arrive well before year end.

1. They will be releasing a "Bass Woofer" to compliment their on-wall speakers, details were sparse but I believe this is to help fill the lower frequency response from around 160-80hz, maybe even lower. I wasn't given any specs but I am guessing that this "woofer" not subwoofer is not meant to produce extreme low frequencies and will be relatively small in size. No word on pricing though I don't expect it to be that costly.

2. The BIG news, atleast to me since I a was about to purchase an all MC1 system is that Magnepan will be releasing the MC2s!! which is the long awaited upgrade to the MC1s that will have a "super tweeter" I am pretty sure that is representative talk for true Ribbon Tweeter, but again no specs were given. This has been rumored to be production for a while, but it's finally coming out and soon. The MC1s will remain as is, I asked if they were being upgraded and the lady said they were not. She quoted a price estimate for the MC2s at $1500/pair, the MC1s pricing will stay the same. No other details on enhancements outside of the tweeter though I imagine there will be.

3. I don't have details on other models, but she first replied to me, when I asked the question, "we have several new models coming out this year, which are you interested in?" leads me to think there may be more updates/new models. Call Magnepan yourself and ask, I called specifically about the MC1s since I was planning on buying a new system and didn't want to have buyers remorse from any soon to be released models.

This is pretty exciting as we all know Magnepan doesn't come out with new products too often. An all around MC2 system has me seriously excited, true ribbon sound all around on an on-wall system...awesome.


Jan 12, 2007
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Matt Drake
I called them last month and got the same info from Wendell. :) He said they should be shipping in the next few months. He said 6 months tops. The sub should go down to 40hz so in Magnepan speak that means 60hz. :) I bought a pair of MC1's for my center but I am waiting on the new MC2's for my fronts. Let me know if you get them!! I am interested in how they compare to the MC1 or even the 1.6's.


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