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new JVC projector... any comments?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Leo Kerr, Oct 28, 2001.

  1. Leo Kerr

    Leo Kerr Screenwriter

    May 10, 1999
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    I've just come across reference to a new JVC D-ILA projector, this one seemingly almost aimed at the masses.
    From what I've seen, the JVC DLA-DS1 looks like they've taken some of their other D-ILA projectors and scaled down the lamp (to a hopefully inexpensive one,) and shrank most of the components, all the while keeping the three 1366x1024 D-ILA imagers.
    Particulars that I've seen (via Projector Central and others,) indicates 1300 ANSI lumens, and an $8995 MSRP price.
    1. anyone seen one?
    2. anyone know any contrast ratio specs?
    3. have any idea of a real, street price?
    4. lamp cost and life?
    5. is this just a major hallucination and bit of wishful thinking on my part?!
    (and yes, I did do a casual search at AV Science, and didn't find anything.)
    Leo Kerr
    [email protected]
  2. Dean McManis

    Dean McManis Agent

    Jun 30, 1997
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    The DS1 was designed more for business presentation use than for home theater.
    It is smaller, lighter, quieter, cheaper, and brighter than the G11 model it replaces, and has a less expensive UHP bulb.
    But the shortcoming is the optics which output around 200:1 contrast, which is fine for computer work, but not great for HT, and apparently the calibration/tweaking that transforms the G11/G15 FPTVs is not effective for the DS1.
    So far, the best bet in D-ILA FPTVs is the G15, which is available new for under $10 if you look around. I have a calibrated G15, and it looks stunning.
    JVC also came out with the new G150HT, which is specifically designed for HT use, but is $18K list.
    In the under $8K range the Sharp Z9000 DLP FPTV looks very good.

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