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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Nick-R, Jan 10, 2006.

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    the clock is ticking on starting my new homes, include a dedicated home theater. my budget is around $2k for speakers, including a sub. with all the talk about SVS subs, i think $500 of that will go towards a woofer, and the rest for 6 speakers. my room is roughly 10x18, and i'll be buying a denon 3806 for a reciever. it doesn't matter to me what size/type of speakers i use (bookshelf, tower, etc.)

    i'd like advice on a few things:

    1. is 25% of my budget too much to spend on a sub?
    2. what would your recommendation be if i spend $1500 on my 6 speakers?
    3. i'm planning on a 6.1 setup, but i don't think i can get one of my rear/side speakers lower than 7' off the ground. will this be a problem?

    any input would be appreciated. thanks.
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    Hiya Nick R,

    Here goes

    1. No. Some guys here have 2 subs stacked on top of each other.

    2. Well there are so many to choose from, why don't you check out your local shops for a closer listen but the usual suspects are from Paradigm, Energy, Mordaunt Shorts, Jbls, Klipsch and of course SVS's SBS.

    3. No. You can always ceiling/wall mount your bookshelves

    Hope this helps

    David SGT

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