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Oct 15, 2007
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Hey all

Ok, so here is my setup!

Display: Pioneer KURO 6020 (non-elite)
Receiver: Denon 3808
L/R Speakers: Athena LS-500
C Speaker: Athena LSC-100
L/R Rear Surround: Athena LS-100
Components: XBOX 360 and thinking about getting PS3 for Blu-Ray. Also have Insight cable HD-DVR box.

Now the questions!

1) Is the PS3 still a good (best?) Blu-Ray player? I am a gamer so it would be dual benefits for me.

2) When connecting all my components to my receiver do I need to configure settings on the components to control which device (the component or the receiver) does the decoding/upscaling of the signals? This whole process kind of confuses me I guess.

Also, it would be nice to just hear some feedback from the more seasoned HT guys out there on how they would go about connecting all these various components if they were in my shoes. What would you do? Types of cables, settings on individual devices, etc????

Looking forward to hearing your advice!!


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Nov 21, 2006
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Aaron Smith
PS3 is fine, although I'd personally rather have a stand-alone for noise reasons and for IR remote capability. The Sony BDP-S350 comes to mind, Note: at this moment it is a bit unclear if the BDP-S350 will be a profile 1.1 or 2.0 player.

As far as upscaling of video and decoding of audio, here's your choices:

Audio: the PS3 can't send high-def audio as bitstream (meaning it lets your receiver decode the audio), only PCM. It will decode TrueHD and DTS-HD internally and send the audio via PCM to your Denon. Your Denon should show the audio as multi-ch or multi-ch PCM or something like that.

Video: you have a choice as to whether you want to have your PS3 send out everything as 1080p, have your receiver upconvert it to 1080p, or your tv convert it to your native resolution (1080p). Your tv does this automatically, as every signal it receives it has to convert it to it's native resolution to show it. However, if it receives a 1080p signal I doubt it does any processing. Which is better? Depends on how it looks to you:) All these options are in the setup menus.

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