New HT -- Receiver source to video startup lag time

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by vasuvius, Mar 14, 2011.

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    I just finished setting up my HT last night and have a few minor issues. Hoping someone can help.


    TV - Panasonic TC-P50GT25

    Receiver - Onkyo TX-NR808

    Speakers - KEF 3005SE (5.1)

    Blu-Ray : Panasonic DMP-BD80

    Cable : Motorola STB (Verizon FIOS)


    All connections from receiver to speakers using 16 guage in-wall wires and RCA cable for sub-woofer. All work flawlessly

    Cabe STB, Blu-Ray - connected to Receiver via HDMI

    Receiver HDMI Out connected to TV

    Wii connected via component cables.

    Receiver remote programmed to control Blu-Ray player and Cable STB - works flawlessly and I'm surprised that the receiver remote can actually control the Cable STB including Guide and Setup functions

    Activities button on Receiver programmed to startup groups of devices or switch as appropriate. Works well.

    Cable and Wii work very well and startup/shut-down are fine.

    The issue I have is, when everything is turned off and I hit 'My Movies' on the Onkyo remote, it powers on the TV, Blu-Ray player and Receiver. There is a significant delay before any picture appears on the TV.

    Every so often there is no picture on the TV while the sound works fine. To fix this, I have to play around with the source setup on the receiver and/or shutdown everything and restart.

    There is no clear or obvious pattern as to when this behaviour occurs or a repeatable process to get the video working.

    Switching AV source from Blu-Ray to Cable or vice-versa has at least a 20 second lag for Audio/Video to come on.

    Any suggestions on the Blu-Ray video issues or the switching lag ?


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    Having everything set to come on at once is a BAD thing when you're using HDMI. What I do is turn on the TV last. It's all about the HDMI components "handshaking" with each other. I would remove the TV from coming on with the other items, and turn it on last. The 20 second lag sounds a little long, but is not that unusual. I would check with Onkyo on that problem.

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