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Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Paul Pratt, Feb 25, 2003.

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    Paul Pratt
    Hey everyone!

    First off, I want to apologize for my post. I'm a brand new member of this site and when I post I feel like you folks are fed up with the questions you get asked by people like me. I'm sure you all are tired of newbies like me asking the same questions that the previous guy did a month ago. So, sorry about that.

    With that I'll just go ahead and ask my question: I've got a home theater set up, nothing to pricey, but my speakers are all JBL Studio II's (S412 mains, S120 sub, S36 surrounds, S Center) in a 7.1 set up. I'll be most likely putting in a Pioneer Elite amp and Pioneer Elite DVD player and I was mainly curious about the TV. I've read through the posts and have seen that most people like Sony and Toshiba and a few scrappers with Mits, Pioneer, and others.

    Here are some specs on what I'm looking for:

    Room size: 11' x 22', but sitting area only 11'x 16'

    Maximum Screen Size possible for the room

    Possibly playing video games (PS2, Gamecube, PS1, but these may move to another room within a year)

    The most true to cinema like picture

    Will be running HD through cable service (Insight Communications)

    Front projectors are possible if can meet all above requirements but for the same price as a RPTV or direct view.

    Those are the specs and here are some TV's I'm considering:

    Sony KV40XBR800 XBR 40" TV - I like the huge direct view, completely safe with games, but bulky, heavy, bad for moving (not extreme concerns though).

    Sony KF-60XBR800 XBR 60" Grand Wega RP/LCD Hybrid - Fantastic looking TV with all the downfalls of plasma removed, IE: No burn in. But, LCD ghosting and clarity issues are unknown to me on this set.

    Pioneer Elite PRO-630HD 58" RPTV - I love the image on this screen but video games concern me.

    I was also considering the 57 or 65" Toshiba, but I've been reading all about problems with some Toshibas and I'm kind of lost now. Any help would be appreciated and don't feel bad about getting technical. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks for helping out folks, really. Sorry for the possible misspellings and grammar errors, it's 4AM.
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    Paul, no need to apologize.

    For one, you've obviously been doing some research and that makes it easier for us to help you.

    There's nothing "wrong" with any of your candidates.

    Just be aware that the Sony 40-inch direct-view set is heavy at nearly 300 pounds (meaning you should be very careful about where you plan to put the set). But its picture will make your heart race!

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